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Posted on July 18th 2016

Evergreen Best Tourist Spots in New York, USA

New York is notorious for the whirlwind activity, art, and entertainment with endless vacation opportunities that attracts many globetrotters to visit one of the most influential city in the world. Apart from visiting the iconic places like empire building, the statue of Liberty many tourist visits New York City to enjoy the world-renowned Broadway shows, and to get the taste of rich shopping experience.

Some of the important tourist spots in New York include

Empire State Building:

The Empire State building is one of the most famous landmarks of the city, and the 102 storey building became the iconic symbol of New York when it was opened for public in 1931. The major attractions of the place are the presence of two observatories atop the building that can be reached by fast moving elevators that will enable the tourists to take a breathtaking view of not only the city but also the neighboring states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The Statue of Liberty:

Along with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty completes the iconic landmarks of the New York City, which was the gift of France to the country. It is the world’s tallest statue in the world and represents the international symbol of freedom. The iconic figure presents its numerous visitors an excellent view of the City’s harbor and lower Manhattan. The statue is visited by an average 4 million people every year and is situated in the Ellis Islands

Central Park:

Central Park is another major attraction of the city and is located in the middle-upper region of Manhattan, which is the most visited park in the America. The 341-hectare large park is the house of the central part zoo and several lakes, theatres, playgrounds, tennis courts and basketball courts that are widely captured in many Hollywood movies and serials. There are eighteen gates to the massive park and comprise of monumental buildings, statues, beautifully designed bridges and natural scenery. The other main attractions of the park include

  • Sheep Meadow
  •  Great lawn
  •   Metropolitan Museum
  •   Strawberry fields
  •   Shakespeare Garden



Broadway is a wide street that covers the entire area of Manhattan region and is well known for the numerous theater venues that feature the many latest and long-running classic plays and musicals. The theater district is the house of 40 large professional theatres that features a wide variety of entertainment that is considered best in the world. Broadway shows are renowned for its performances and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the New York City.

Rockefeller Center:


Rockefeller Center is one of the symbols of the rich entertainment avenues of the city and is the house of the massive entertainment and shopping complex that is situated in the middle Manhattan region. It is also the home to an incredibly famous outdoor skating rink that attracts a huge crowd in the winter season. The vast complex comprises of numerous shops, restaurants, and the Rock observation deck that offers a stunning view of the city’s skyline.

Fifth Avenue:

Fifth Avenue is notorious for the enriching shopping experience it offers to the many shopping lovers and is the New York’s premier shopping avenue. All the renowned designers have a presence through their many flagship stores established in the area.

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