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Posted on December 27th 2016

World Class Best Touring Spots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and is famous for the artistic heritage sites, highly structured canal system and the variety of museums that provides the art lovers a perfect tourist destination. The city is the home to more than fifty museums that attracts numerous travelers every year.

Canals of Amsterdam:

Amsterdam has more than hundred canals that flow in the parts of the city and has earned the name “Venice of North”. Thus, a trip to Amsterdam is incomplete without a boat cruise offered by many tour operators, and the canals are the home to more than 2000 houseboats, which includes houseboat restaurants. These cruises are available in many ranges from one hour long trip to candlelight cruises suitable for various needs of the different travelers to the city. A cruise ride in one of the many canals of the city will provide the tourist an enriching experience to have deeper insights into the ancient Dutch culture and architectural designs.


The major tourist attraction is the Rijksmuseum that houses more than 8000 traditional objects, musical instruments and paintings of famous artists like Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer. The museum presents a complete reflection of the country’s history and culture.

Van Gogh Museum:

Van Gough museum is the house of numerous iconic paintings of the Van Gough and has the world’s largest collection of the great artist. No wonder it attracts millions of artists and art lovers from across the world. More than 200 paintings of Van Gough are exhibited in the museum that offers a rare insight into the great painter’s unique style of painting. The museum also houses the history and troubled life of the artist and presents detailed information about the efforts of the institution to protect the paintings for the future generation.


It is the famous garden that captivates tourists with its charms and surrounding Old Dutch style houses. In the past, these houses were the residence of many celibate nuns and still houses single women in the present time as well.

Dam Square:

Dam Square is located in the center of the city and is one of the most important historical sites that attracts many tourists to enjoy the peaceful nature offered by the place and is the house of more than hundred pigeons.


Netherlands is famous for beautiful flowers like tulip, daffodil, narcissus and other bulbs that are sold by many flower vendors in this only floating flower market in the world. The market primarily caters to the tourist populations who like to buy the flowers and bulbs as a takeaway of their trip to Amsterdam.

De Wallen:

De Wallen is the city’s legalized red-light destination designated for prostitution. Sex- workers have rented more than hundred single bedroom apartments with plenty of alcohol and sex stores selling hardcore videos, magazines and sex toys that attract many tourists to this place. The infamous red-light area has a strict no photography policy.

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